Aplomb Standard Waist Two-Piece

$129.00 USD

Our magically luxe, ribbed, and seamless standard waist two-piece stretches to perfectly fit seven sizes in one — adapting to your unique curves and your body’s natural state of flux. 

With a classic shape and medium coverage of your curvy-bits, the Aplomb will stretch in all directions to equally compliment big-busts, no-butts, petite pears, the tallest triangles, and all the beautiful in-betweens.

Standard Waist offers narrower coverage across the hip.

Our pieces are ethically woven, dyed, cut and sewn in England using European-sourced nylon and elastane and lovingly packed by our team in London. No sweatshops here.

  • Seven sizes in one - will comfortably fit U.S. 2-14 or UK/AUS 6-18
  • No built-in bust support - will comfortably fit A to G cup
  • Classic square bustline
  • Low scoop back
  • Standard rise brief
  • Adjustable to high or low cut
  • Medium coverage on the rear
  • Made in England

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      Shipping & Returns

      Free and fast worldwide shipping via DHL Express (1-4 days). Ships directly from the UK.

      Hassle-free 21-day return and exchange policy.

      Dive into our Q&A and Returns & Exchanges pages for more info.

      Sizing & Material

      • Seven sizes in one — will comfortably fit U.S. 2-14 or UK/AUS 6-18
      • No built-in bust support — will comfortably stretch to fit A to G cup
      • 88% nylon and 12% elastane
      • Woven, cut, sewn in England using European-sourced materials

      See below where we list the measurements of the beautiful women shown here.

      We also answer other sizing Q's in our Q&A's

      Our Women

      Black, Sage

      Height: 178cm / 5’10
      Bust: 85cm / 33”
      Waist: 76cm / 30”
      Hip: 106cm / 42”

      Cobalt, Rosso

      Height: 173cm / 5’8
      Bust: 82cm / 32"
      Waist: 67cm / 26"
      Hip: 98cm / 38"

      Espresso, Forest

      Height: 161cm / 5'3"
      Bust: 93cm / 36.5"
      Waist: 74cm / 29"
      Hip: 107cm / 42"

      Customer Reviews

      Portland, Oregon

      Style: Aplomb High Waist Two-Piece
      Height: 5'6
      Usual dress size: US 10
      Cup size: US GG

      At first I was skeptical of the "multiple sizes in one" branding as I have a larger cup size, but the top fits so comfortably and looks so good!

      I can honestly say this is the best suit I have ever worn, and by far the one I feel the most confident in!

      Plus the Youswim team is so sweet and on top of their game! Thank you again for such great customer service, and for making such a great product.

      Northern Rivers, Australia

      Style: Aplomb Standard Waist Two-Piece
      Height: 5'4
      Usual dress size: AUS 8
      Cup size: AUS A

      I'm so happy with my swimmers! Even though I'm a petite build, this swimsuit makes me feel the most comfortable I have ever felt in a swimsuit before.

      When wearing the swimmers in the water you feel like you're naked because nothing falls off... they stay on your body and to your shape. I was a bit unsure about the product claims of Youswim, but the idea that the swimmers change with the "body's state of flux" is really a perfect description.

      Would recommend 100%.

      Perth, Australia

      Style: Aplomb One-Piece
      Height: 5'5
      Usual dress size: AUS 8
      Cup size: AUS C

      WOW! Is this god's gift to swimwear? I usually hate one-pieces because I have a long torso, but this is perfect. Looks and feels amazing on.

      Excuse me while I never take these off.

      Aukland, New Zealand

      Style: Aplomb One-Piece
      Height: 5'10
      Usual dress size: AUS 12
      Cup size: AUS D

      I am so overwhelmed with how amazing Youswims service has been. I had an issue with my swimsuit and they have been nothing but helpful, understanding and generous. Not to mention how incredible their actual swimsuit is!

      3 friends plus myself all own Youswims and we're all very differnet shapes and sizes but it looks soooo damn sexy on each of us in our own individual ways!

      I would recommend to anyone, whatever size you are, to purchase a Youswim swimsuit because it is the best fit you are ever going to get!

      Columbus, Ohio

      Style: Poise One-Piece
      Height: 5'5
      Usual dress size: US 4
      Cup size: US C

      I adore this suit. The material is thick without digging into my body, stretchy without sagging, and ultra comfortable against my skin!

      It conforms perfectly to my curves and makes me feel like a lovely sea goddess with room to shrink and grow (as all bodies do).

      The team's customer service was stellar too - I sent a barrage of emails before I left on a vacation, and they answered all of my questions quickly and kindly, and my suit came two days before I left for my trip! 

      Las Vegas, Nevada

      Style: Aplomb One-Piece
      Height: 5'7
      Usual dress size: US 0
      Cup size: US B

      Extremely satisfied! Great quality and it even came in a compostable bag!

      I was a bit reluctant to purchase this suit because I'm very thin and I didn't see any other reviews that fit my size frame, but It fits me perfectly! I hope this helps others that are smaller to give it a try!

      Brooklyn, New York

      Style: Aplomb One-Piece
      Height: 5'3
      Usual dress size: US 2
      Cup size: US D

      Ordered this swimsuit for two reasons: supporting small business and buying items that I can wear while pregnant (currently 29 weeks) and after pregnancy.

      Once I felt the soft material, I knew it was perfect. I'm sporting an extra 25-30lbs, a much bigger bust, hip, and thigh size, and a basketball sized belly. The one piece is so flattering and still have some room left for the remaining months.

      I'd buy 10x over.

      Melbourne, Australia

      Style: Aplomb One-Piece
      Height: 5'4
      Usual dress size: AUS 10
      Cup size: AUS B

      Received the black one-peice yesterday and it's absolutely perfect. The fabric is so soft and such good quality.

      I'm over the moon about it and so happy I took a gamble to order swimwear online! I will be ordering the Sage next!

      Santa Cruz, California

      Style: Poise High Waist Two-Piece
      Height: 5'9
      Usual dress size: US 8
      Cup size: US D

      I have never been able to find a suit that fits me quite like this one.

      I felt a little nervous that this particular suit wouldn't fit my bust, but it fits perfectly. When I put it on, it hugs my body in a way that feels like it was made specifically for my body. Magic. I am eternally grateful for this brand and what they stand for!

      Sydney, Australia

      Style: Aplomb High Waist Two-Piece
      Height: 6'0
      Usual dress size: AUS 12
      Cup size: AUS A

      I am a 6ft tall woman (183cm) with a size 12 butt, size 6 waist and a 12A bust. I have never found a pair of swimmer bottoms that come up high enough or a top to match.

      I. Have. Never. Had. Swimmers. This Amazing. In My Life. FULL STOP!

      THANK YOU for making swimmers that are cool.
      THANK YOU for making swimmers that fit women who walk planet earth.
      THANK YOU for producing something that I can truly preach about.

      Sydney, Australia

      Style: Aplomb One-piece
      Height: 5'6
      Usual dress size: AUS 10
      Cup size: AUS E

      I have size 10E boobs, a super long torso, short legs and a sizeable bum. These are all things that make trying on swimwear rather painful.

      I got my navy Aplomb in the mail yesterday. I put it on and instantly felt like a GODDESS.

      Melbourne, Australia

      Style: Aplomb One-piece
      Height: 5'5
      Usual dress size: AUS 8-10
      Cup size: AUS E

      When this arrived in the post... all the ladies in the office were skeptical... but my god this one-piece is completely magical!

      London, UK

      Style: Aplomb One-piece
      Height: 5'8
      Usual dress size: UK 16
      Cup size: UK G

      I always struggle to find swimwear that fits my larger bust but holds tight to my smaller waist.

      Often you find wires, support sections, or a very specific cup size in swimsuits that aren't very forgiving, so it's nice to have a swimsuit that just holds you in perfectly, exactly to your figure - like it was designed for you - without the discomfort of an underwire or predetermined support.

      Melbourne, Australia

      Style: Aplomb One-piece
      Height: 5'5
      Usual dress size: AUS 8 top 14 bottom
      Cup size: AUS DD

      Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with these crazy-good bathers!

      Trying on bathers is mega painful sometimes, and it’s pretty well impossible to get the right ones when shopping online, so for these bathers to do exactly what you’ve said they do - that's awesome! I can’t wait to get a bikini pair!

      Perth, Australia

      Style: Aplomb One-piece
      Height: 5'10
      Usual dress size: AUS 10
      Cup size: AUS C

      Could not recommend Youswim enough! I've been soul searching online for years for a comfy, practical, quality, stylish pair of bathers and this one-piece absolutely ticks all of these boxes.

      I spend a lot of time moving in the water - surfing/swimming/jumping around and they not only support me through these times but keep me feeling confident.

      The best part is that you can go straight from the ocean to grab a coffee as they double as a sweet little ribbed one piece. Very happy customer indeed, can't wait for the kini's!

      Edmonton, Canada

      Style: Aplomb One-piece
      Height: 5'7
      Usual dress size: US 6
      Cup size: US B

      I received the beautiful swimsuit last week and was overwhelmed by how beatiful they are. I had a little cry when I tried it on as I've never felt more comfortable in a swimsuit!

      Perth, Australia

      Style: Aplomb One-piece
      Height: 5'1
      Usual dress size: AUS 6-8
      Cup size: AUS D

      I have the Aplomb in white and the fit is AMAZING. I am a size AU 6-8 with a D bust and it offers the right support for my boobs.

      Although the material is super stretchy it is quite thick and holds you in without digging into the thighs and butt. It really moulds to your body! I can’t get enough of this swimsuit, 5/5!

      New York, New York

      Style: Aplomb One-piece
      Height: 5'9
      Usual dress size: US 6
      Cup size: US B

      You have no idea how much I love my Aplomb swimsuit! I always struggle to find ones that fit well because I have a really big butt, tiny top, and a longgg torso - so nothing fits all of it.

      Then I decided to risk it and order yours online (I never order a swimsuit without trying it on) and it fit perfectly! And I feel so good in it! I'll be waiting for the day you release more

      Fits you #asyouare →