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Swimsuit Q's, sizing, and care

One size, really?

We don’t do sizes at Youswim. We make a single flattering style (that's the Aplomb) — in a One-Piece, High and Standard Waist two-pieces — which currently fits five sizes in one. If you’re usually a U.S. 2 to 10 or UK/Australian 6 to 14, this baby will fit you. It’s ribbed, crazy-flexible, feels soft, thick, super luxe, and the simple shape will equally flatter big-busts, no-bums and all the beautiful in-betweens. 

Swim over to the lovely ladies on our product page where we’ve included each of their measurements to give you a better idea. If you’re still not convinced, send your measurements to and we’ll triple-check!

Where do you make your swimsuits?

Our swimsuits are lovingly made in England to ensure the highest possible quality. That’s everything from the weaving of our super-stretchy fabric, design, cut, sew, and packing. No sweatshops were involved in the making of your swimsuit.

What are they made of?

Our swimsuits are made using high quality, European-sourced nylon and elastane and woven in England. 88% nylon, 12% elastane.

How should I care for my Youswim suit?

The hot tip: do not wring to dry. Wringing or stretching to dry it can damage the stretchy fibres in your suit, ruining its amazing recovery characteristics (it's ability to stretch and shrink back to the same small size - and snug fit - over and over). Please lay it flat to dry or lightly squeeze some water out before hanging to dry in the shade.

Chlorine pools won't be a problem (our suits are colour-fast), just rinse your Aplomb in fresh water after your swim to avoid premature damage or deterioration of your suit.

These are the other details you’ll find on the label:

​Do not roll up or store when wet. Hand wash separately with care. Rinse in cold water after use. No detergent. No Bleach. Do not wring. Do not rub. Avoid drying in direct sunlight. Avoid contact with suncream & chemicals.

Will my Youswim suit shrink or stretch over time?

Nope - not if you follow the care instructions above.

Does the fabric become thin and see-through when it’s stretched?

No - only the Crisp White colour can be slightly sheer when stretched and wet, particularly if you have a dark complexion. 

What about when it's wet - does it become see-through/transparent?

No way (aside from Crisp White which can be slightly sheer for some, see above). The thick and ribbed fabric will protect you just as much when it's wet.

Will it fit my extra-long torso? One-pieces are usually too short for me

Mostly likely! Seriously, it’s really stretchy - in all directions. Traditional swimwear material and sizing doesn’t leave you with much room to move, but our one-size suit is made to accommodate these beautiful variations in body shapes with ease - or Aplomb (sorry, we had to). Long or short torsos, big-busts or no-busts, we got you.

One of the girls in the team is 5’11 with a long torso and says it’s totally comfortable. We’ll be happy to help with any sizing worries, just get in touch at

Will you be able to see everything when it’s cold (if you know what I mean)?

No more than any other quality swimsuit (in fact, our luxe ribbed fabric can hide some little details).

What about my D/DD's, will I get the support I need?

We're here for you! The Aplomb doesn't include any built-in bust support - but the super-flexible, tubular fabric will easily stretch to fit your D or DD's, meanwhile the ribbing will lightly hug your curves in ways a typical swimsuit wouldn't.

Check our Instagram where we feature a couple of ladies with D and DD cup sizes, and the beautiful Rosie who wears Crisp White and Marigold on our Aplomb page is also a D-DD. They're all big fans. Still not sure? Drop us a line at


How can I pay for my Youswim order?

Youswim suits are sold via our online store only, where we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay. 

I have a question about my order, what do I do?

Send us a note! Email with your query and order info or to chat about returns.

We can help with orders, order changes, shipping, returns, cancellations, and basically anything else you can splash our way. We love the water!

Can I cancel or change my order?

Send a message to pronto! We move quickly when it comes to processing your orders, but we’ll do our best to help you with any changes or cancellations before yours starts paddling out the door.


Where do you ship to?

We think you deserve free shipping, and we're pretty confident we ship to you. If your country isn't listed on the Checkout page, shoot us an email and we’ll try to work some magic.

U.S. orders will ship from our LA location while orders from all other countries will come from Sydney

When will my order ship?

We ask for up to 24 hours to prep and ship your order. U.S. orders landing on our desk after 2PM Pacific time will go out the next day, and orders placed after 2PM on a Friday (or over the weekend) will go out on Monday. Likewise 2PM Australian Eastern Standard Time for orders to Australia and all other countries.

If you’d like to confirm the status of your order, check the tracking number we sent you or send a quick note to

When will my order arrive? Can it be faster?

U.S. orders using free shipping are sent via USPS Ground from LA which should arrive in 2-5 days (sometimes faster for Californians). We offer a quicker paid option if you need to jump in the water sooner.

Australian orders using free shipping are sent from Australia via AusPost Express and should arrive within 2 days or even next day if you’re in a big city.

All other international orders are sent via Pack and Track International services from Sydney which usually take 4-12 days assuming no hold-ups at customs. We’ll have to leave the customs bit with you, including any duties owing on import.

To double-check shipping speeds etc, reach out to us at

How can I track my order?

As soon as your order is shipped we’ll send you an email with a tracking number so you can follow its movements. If you didn’t receive a tracking number, drop us a line at

What about duties, taxes etc?

If you or your #youswimsquad are outside the U.S. or Australia, please note we don’t charge you in advance for any import duties at checkout. Please be aware of any import responsibilities or duties you might be charged when the order lands on your side of the pool.

Ethics and sustainability

Ethical production

Our suits are manufactured and packed in England. In agreeing to work with our English manufacturing partner, we sought to ensure production quality, fair worker pay and benefits, commitment to workers safety, and a dedication to minimising their impact on the environment. Being made in England, our manufacturing partners recognise the UK’s long tradition of health and safety regulations, as well as EU waste regulations and code of practice, and other strict regulations on industrial waste and worker safety.

Our swimsuits are sold direct-to-you, bypassing costly middle-men and wholesalers which would unnecessarily increase our environmental burden and our costs - and in turn, yours.

For the Youswim team, being ethical is about doing the right thing. No sweatshops were involved in the making of your swimsuit.


In our home town the team love to cycle, use public transport wherever possible, and make the most of car-sharing schemes. As far as our product goes - it’s made to last. Our packaging is reusable and 100% recyclable, and the swimsuit is made to stick with you summer after summer. A longer lasting swimsuit means it spends more time in the water and less time in the trash.

Still swimming in questions?

Float a message over to or say hi using the little chat button in the bottom corner.