We created Verve with extra coverage and comfort for extra life stuff. In our new mini-series, we meet up with friends of Youswim who share how they've been wearing their favourite swimsuit.

Verve in Motion: Ruby Gaskell

We spent a day catching up with circus artist, contortionist and rollerskater Ruby Gaskell @rubygaskell who showed us how she wears her Verve.

Describe yourself in three words?

Giggly, tactile, silly.


What keeps you balanced?

Making time to play, roller skating and having a good training routine. Also, a lot of sleep!

Your fave swimwear memory?

Probably this shoot! As I usually feel slightly uncomfortable in ‘normal’ women’s bikini bottoms. But I really love swimming in the sea and can't wait to jump in again.

As the world starts ticking again, how are you spending time with your new found freedom?

I can't wait to get back to performing to a live audience again. That will give me back my purpose and freedom!

Video: Milo Hutchings
Music: Jake Goodbody
Photography: Ebony Talijancich